Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hey there!
     Well as you have probably realized yesterday was a holiday here in the great Argentina it was independence day but sadly independence day here is NOTHING like 4th of July for us. They seriously didnt do anything here to celebrate their independence. It made me miss the 4th of July (but don’t you worry I def represented my country 4th of July/see pic below)

     This week was a good week. Things are still going super great with our investigator Adelaida. She has gone to church 3 times and has a baptism date for this Saturday but she doesn’t feel super sure about everything. She was to be positive that what she is doing is right. Its difficult because we see that she has received many answers that this is true but she doesn't recognize it. Last week our mission leader gave her the gospel principles book to take home and she told us that she already read the whole book and has been studying it and looking up all of the scriptures. She asked us what is D&C she said she was searching all over her books and couldn’t figure it out and said that she found in the index of the BOM some things that said D&C too.. hahaha  It makes it nice when an investigator likes to read because they can learn things on their own and we don’t have to teach as much just answers questions and explain doubts she has. The other day she told us that she was thinking about Joseph Smith and how she doenst believe in him and then that night she had a dream that she was walking in a forest or something and was kind of lost and was about to walk across a bridge and then Joseph Smith came in her dream and lead her along the way. Umm hello! Yes that it exactly what prophets do they lead us along the way. We just have to help her recognize these things are answers that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. We are praying hard that she can recognize her answers and that her family will also follow her. .
     Things are great! Today I was reading a talk from last April conference called Waiting on the Road to Damascus by Pres. Uchtdorf. Its awesome! It talks a lot about recognizing  answers to our prayers. I think its something we all struggle with sometimes. its a really awesome talk. I am thinking about sharing it with Adelaida! Well I hope all is well and you have a wonderful week!

Hermana Van Wagenen

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