Monday, May 28, 2012


Hey! Well this past week we had zone conference so I attached a pic with the hermanas in my zone and another with Hna Heyman. (mission pres wife) the other pic is a day last week of lots of rain. Here is formosa it is seriously crazy when it rains because the streets flood up. Sometimes i wonder if argentina doesnt believe in draining systems. and then the streets that arent paved fill up with tons of mud. So basically we are walking or sliding around all day in mud. It is def an adventure. my comp and I just say "oh Argentina" I think we have a lot/hate relationship. haha but the zone conference was awesome. Pres Heyman talked a lot about the holy ghost and how it works in the conversion and how we can get answers. I seriously love zone conference because it always seems to come in a time that I am a little down about the work and it always seems to help me get excited and rejuvinated again and have hope that there really are people prepared. 

On friday we were searching for an old investigator from elders years ago and as we were searching we found this lady with her daughter named Blanka. Her daughter commited to go to church with us on sunday adn when we passed on sunday she was ready at 8 waiting for us. Ahhh it reallyis the best when we dont feel like we have to force people to go to churhc but people really have the desire to go to chruch with us. Sometimes i feel like i need to convince people but then i realize that i really am not here to convince people. We can do all we can but people have their agency to chose if they want to do it or not. I just love when we find people who really ust want to go. Blanka is 14 i dont know why but it always seems to be teenagers that are interested I think sometimes older people are a little harder and set in their ways. but really thinks are going well. THe experiences that i am going through and the things that go on in the mission and really helping me to realize in my life what really matters and what i want. I thank my heavenly father everyday for these experiences and for this time i have to serve him and help these people in argentina really feel his love and understand the plan he has for us. Thanks for all your support. lOve you lots!!! 

Hna Van Wagenen

Monday, May 21, 2012


This past week was a good week. Pretty normal week nothing too exciting happened. We had transfers on wednesday but here we didnt have changes I am still with the same companion Hernana Sallay. Which is honestly good its kind of nice sometimes to not have changes because you are accustomed to each other and you dont have to worry about showing and teaching someone the area. It was nice to not have changes it was a super calm transfer. and we are here excited for the new transfer to keep working hard here in Centenario II. So this week some elders gave us a reference of some guy named Omar that they have been teaching that has a baptism date but just moved into our area. So the other day we were searching for this direction and we found the house and started talking to a guy that was sitting in front of the house. He told us that he wasnt Omar and there wasnt an Omar that lived there nor close. So basically we had the wrong address. but the weird part about the story is that the guy that was sitting outside of the house then asked us oh you guys are friends with Ricardo huh? we just looked at each other and laughed. I swear Ricardo knows everyone! Apparently Ricardo is one of his really good friends and has been talking to him tons about the church and the things that he is learning and had invited him to his baptism. So instead of finding this reference we found a friend of Ricardo. so we then shared a little of our message with him and then put a appt to go back. Hopefully we will be able to teach him its looking like we need to take advantage of Ricardo and get those references from him. Especially because right now he is super excited about everything. Other than that nothing too exciting happened. oh yesterday just as sacrament meeting was about to start one of the speakers didnt show up so I had the lucky opportunity to give a talk on the spot. I talked about the importance of praying daily with family, daily scripture study with family, family night, and going to church. THese 4 things are seriously essencial for every family. I have realized how grateful i am for my parents and that they always did these things. I dont think i realzed until my mission how importance every one of those things really are. THat is one thing that i am learning a lot of my mission is how i want to raise my future family and the things i want to do in my house. so ya that was my super on the spot talk. oh isnt the mission just great! doing things that i was always super scared to do before. Well that was my week. Hope everyone is great! love you!
Hna Van Wagenen


Happy Mothers day! I took this picture of feliz dia mama for you mom and I also took one for both my grandmas. Hope you all had a great Mothers day! Well the happy news of the Hjek is that Ricardo was baptized on Saturday. Really Ricardo was a Miracle we found him 3 weeks ago and put a date with him in the first lesson and he was baptized for his date. He was seriously glowing and so happy. There is nothing better in the misión than to see that. Wow super awesome. And then on Sunday he was confirmed and then he got up and bore his testimony in sacrament meeting. Wow how awesome! He is just full of energy and excitement and ready to complete with everything. I think he will be a great help for the branch. I am pretty excited for him. Another piece of good news is that my companion from my other area wrote me today and told me that a family that we found that was less active and we baptized their son well they are super active and preparing to go to the temple. Wow things like that just make me super happy there is nothing better in the misión than that. Things are good. Sorry the letter is short but i dont have much time. I hope everyone is great and has a great week love you lots!!

hna Van Wagenen


Hey fam!

Well first I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kylie and Heather! Hope you had a great day!

As for my week. It was a good week! We actually found some pretty cool people this past week. On wednesday we found a couple we clapped at the house and the husband came and talked to us and invited us to share with him and then out came his wife and daughter to listen too. We were excited. We taught them the plan of salvation and how there is a way that we can live with our families forever. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted a date as a goal if they recieved there answer. Wow! Super awesome. We then passed on saturday and only the wife was there so we taught her and finished teaching the plan. She was excited and loved it and understood perfectly she told us that she wanted to go to church but she said that her husband was a little bit iffy about everything and she didnt know if he would take her in the moto. So then on Sunday morning we got a text from her saying that her husband doesnt agree with the things we are sharing and doesnt like it and wont allow her to go to church and she also asked us to not pass anymore. Man is it so sad to see someone super interested in everything but her husband wont allow her to follow. We made it super clear that is was depending on her salvation. I guess we did our part and there isnt much that can be done. I guess part of missionary work is planting the seed. 

As far as Ricardo. Well the past week was kind of interesting. Basically Ricardo dissapeared and we couldnt find him for like 4 days. Im sure you can imagine that we were freaking out a little bit. Because his baptism is this saturday and he still has a lot of things we need to teach him. Well After almost having heart attacks we found him on thursday and were able to teach him. Luckily it was only because he started working we started thinking that something happend and out of nowhere he didnt want to talk to us anymore. but everything is good. He is still super excited about everything. Yesterday we had stake conference and we were in the choir so we couldnt sit with him but he just did his thing. and after he was chatting with all of the elders/ our mission pres. It is so awesome when you have a inv that is not shy because he doesnt mind talking to everything and telling everyone about his baptism. haha so this saturday we will be having the baptism of Ricardo. We are excited! 

This week I was studying a lot about the holy ghost and my purpose as a missionary it was good. Truly missionary work is impossible without the holy ghost. The only way that people convert to the gospel is through the holy ghost it has nothing to do with our words  nor if we speak good or bad the language it is all about the spirit. Well thats all for now. HOpe you have a great week! Love you all lots!!

Hna Van Wagenen

ps today we went to a different computer place where I can send pics so I took advantage. Enjoy!