Friday, March 20, 2009

I love the beach!

The day after we got back from our trip to Jordan we were off to Tel Aviv which is about an hour from Jerusalem and on the mediterranean sea. While we were there we started out with a tour of the Diaspora Museum, which features the stories and history of Jews spread out all over the world. We learned about the different kinds of synagogues established around the world as Jews began to flee Israel and the lands of Europe to escape the brutality of the various nations that had ruled their land over the course of its existence. The diaspora or dispersal of the Jewish people to America has caused many to establish their own way of life in the different corners of the world.
We then moved on to Independence Hall, the building where Israel was granted its independence from Britain on May 14, 1948. It was really cool learning how quickly the decision was made to make Israel a soverign country; only 2 days before the event were invitations sent out. It was supposed to be a well-kept secret with only the few hundred invitees in attendance but over a thousand people showed up. At the end of our tour they played the exact recording of David Ben Gurion pronouncing the status of the new country- so cool.

After an exciting morning we were let free to roam around the city so a couple of girls and I headed towards a shopping area and then went straight to the ocean!
Our shoes were off and we went straight to the water. The day was so sunny and the water was beautiful. Perfect beach day and it was in March. I love it!
Chels and I jumping for joy because we were so excited to be at the beach
We then met up with our teachers again and we went to the exact spot where Jonah tried to escape his calling from the Lord and was swallowed by a whale. This is just a little whale to represent it.
Marianne, Cate and I chillin in the sun! The beach makes me so happy! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PETRA, Jordan!

Indiana Jones! Last week we were in Jordan a Petra is most famous for being in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom so the whole time we were in Petra we could not stop singing the Indiana Jones theme song.

Yes the snack show was Indiana Jones and Matt tried to act like he was Indiana Jones the whole day with his sweet hat and murse!

Marianne, Miriam, Moon, and I posing in the caves of Petra!
Our first view of the Indiana Jones temple...

In front of the temple.. haha
Had to get a little shopping in.... we found ginormous rings and couldnt resist trying them on. After the temple we hiked 852 stairs up to the Monestary which was pretty killer but def worth the hike
Some people took donkey's instead... haha I cant get over how hilarious Jeff looked on his donkey
Taking a picture break during the hike up. Loved the beautiful views
Finally made it! Yay! We are spelling out JORDAN if you couldnt tell!
Next we were off to the view of the end of the world!
GORGEOUS view! Petra Jordan was such a blast!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Last Week we went on a field trip to Jordan where we got to see many great places. We first started out driving and made two different stops along our drive to Petra, Jordan. Our first stop was to Mt. Nebo which was where Moses looked out and saw the promised land. Chelsea and I in front of some rock that was on top of Mt Nebo and overlooking the city.
Some girls and I overlooking the city
Our next stop on our trip to Petra was to a church that had the oldest map of Jerusalem on it. This is Aleni and I in front of it!
Aleni, Miriam, and I in some random chairs in the same church. After driving all day we finally got to Jordan and as we were driving we looked out the window and saw snow all over the ground and we were all a little bit shocked. We finally got to our hotel and were ready to check out the city.
Me in front of the ice cream shop we went to that night, I was excited because it was called caravan which is similar to my name karavan! haha I'm so weird