Sunday, July 11, 2010


Its hard to believe that this semester of school is almost over. Here's a little countdown of upcoming events:

Done with school: 11 days
Hev Dev's Wedding: 12 days
Back home in CA: 13 days
Family Reunion in Bass Lake: 14 days
Going to Texas for H & J's Wedding: 30 days

I cant wait to be done with school and to finally have the summer to relax! and be at the lake A LOT!!! :)

This semester has been full of so many great memories. Heres a little recap since I haven't blogged at all:

Making huge bonfires

going bowling

meeting mormon celebrities (aka Kerby Heyborne, Deverle from singles ward and some others)
making awesome videos

and living with these great girls!

Sorry its such a long post but I figured its ok since I am such a blog slacker so these dont come very often! :)

P.S. Christina and Ali (from below video) made it to HOLLYWOOD which means they will be performing live this week and its time to vote! You should vote. they are great!
P.S.S. 21 weeks till baby Clevenger is born!!!! I can't wait to have a nephew!! :)