Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hey there.

I hope everyone is doing great. I didn’t hear from anyone besides mom, grandma and grandpa. Hope everyone is great! ¨Finding Joy in the Journey¨is my theme for this transfer I put it as a quote on my planner and I think it fits well as a missionary.

Updates from over here in Argentina. Well this past Saturday was a fun crazy day. It started out with interviews with our mission president. The interviews were to update temple recomends for the rededication of the Buenos Aires temple in september that sadly I wont be able to attend because it is a few weeks after I finish. I am super sad but whatever hopefully I will be able to read it later. Then after interviews the stake did a mini MTC for all of the youth. They gave them all nametags that said Future Missionary with their name and they were assigned companions and  had classes to learn how to be a missionary and they had studies and everything like they do in the mtc and then in the afternoon 2 or 3 companionships were assigned to 1 missionary and we went out and contacted people. It was actually pretty fun but I ended up having to talk to everyone because the kids were scared to talk. haha but i thought it was such a great idea for the youth to experience a little bit of what a mission is like.

Adelaida is doing great. No she didnt make is for her baptism this past saturday but yesterday we were able to put a new date with her for the 28 of July. She is excited and already wants to pay tithing and everything. The members say that she acts like she is already a member because on sunday during relief society the teach talked about missionary work and she talked as if she were a member and how she wants to share the gospel with others. haha She knows that this is all true but she says that she still fills like she needs to know more and she want 1 or 2 more months but we put a date with her for the 28th and she accepted so were are praying like crazy that everything goes through and that she feels ready and prepared for this. Its difficult when we know that an investigator has their answer but they dont recognize it.

Other than that things are going great. I seriously feel so grateful to be here on my mission and to be on a mission at this time. I really have a strong testimony that God answers our prayers and that I am suppose to be on a mission. It  continues to be an amazing learning experience every single day and I love it so much. Its amazing how from every difficulty we learn from them and are able to better our lives. A mission is a refiners fire and it is difficult but amazing. I am grateful that God answered my prayers and sent me here to Argentina to do his work. It truly is the best! Thanks for all your support and everything you do. Love you all lots!

Hermana Van Wagenen

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