Monday, July 2, 2012


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Well this past week we had transfers and happily I can say that I stayed in the area. I´m not going to lie I was praying that I would stay because I truly did not want to go to a new area and finish my mission in a new area. I am grateful to still be here because there are certain people here that I honestly consider like family and I just feel like there is still things that I need to do here in Formosa. Its crazy because this past week I realized that the Lord is truly who does transfers. My new comp is Hermana Ovando. She is from the south of Argentina (usualla …something like that) This is her 4th transfer in the mision so she is still pretty new. Well we are teaching a lady named Adelaida (attached pic) and she is pretty much amazing! Did i tell you about her? Well she said that she was praying that the lord would show her the truth and we happened to show up at her door. Ever since we have started teaching her about 2 weeks ago she has been reading everything we give her and is so excited. About a year ago elders had passed by and visited her and given her a book of mormon but she never even looked and it and almost through it away but decided not to and now she says. that for a reason she felt she shouldn't throw it out. She has been reading the book of mormon like crazy and loves it! She has already gone to church 2 with us and says that she just feel something different and there has been so much more peace in her home ever since we started visiting her. It has just made me realized that the lord really is preparing people. Sometime I get kind of down and feel like there is no one and then this happens. Really the lord knows us and gives us hard times so that we can truly appreciate the good times. I feel grateful that the lord has given me this opportunity to help Adelaida find this happiness that she is looking for. Missionary work really is the best! It has its super hard times but when there are good times they are amazing! I am so grateful to still be here in this area to keep helping Adelaida have a strong testimony and help her family also follow. Well hope you have a great week! Love you lots!

Hna Van Wagenen

saying bye in the terminal to my comp Hna Sallay

Our investigator Adelaida with her husband (i really like this pic)

casino. haha

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