Thursday, July 26, 2012


¿Como estan todo? Espero que todo esten muy bien. :) I hope you areall enjoying your little vacation in Newport this week! Well this pastweek was a pretty good week. The only down side is that I have beenkind of sick with a cold and a bad cough and my voice kind of left. Sothat makes it a little hard to teach but I am getting better. Theweather here is so bipolar because last week it was super cold and wewere sleeping with heaters and all our clothes and now today it is hotoutside and we are in tshirts but at least it is nothing like thesummer killer heat. Its a nice day.

Things are going super great! Adelaida is doing great! I think I toldyou that last week we put a baptism date with her for the 28 of Julyand after we put that date she was telling and inviting everyone toher baptism. This past saturday we invited her to a baptism and sheshowed up in a skirt (this was the first time she came in a skirt)with all of her books she has recieved. She is basically already amember its awesome. So we need all of your prayers this week thateverything will turn out well and nothing comes in the way of herbaptism this saturday. Her family still doesnt listen to us or go withher but I am super grateful because they are at least supporting herand not an obstacle for her. She said that every Sunday her husbandwakes her up to get ready for church and takes her to church in hismoto. It is def a blessing that he is supportive of her because thereare so many husband that are not supportive at all of their wives thatwant to be baptized. I am praying that her husband and daughters willgo to her baptism this saturday and will feel what she feels and beopen to listen to the lessons too..

This past week we found new investigators. This kid named Andres(18yrs old) and his sister Diana (12 yrs old). We taught them the planof salvation and put a date to go back. When we went back they hadtold us that the day before their aunt had died  (it made me realizethe spirit must have told us that we needed to teach them the plan ofsalvation because it was exactly what they needed at that time) whenwe went back diana had read the whole pamplet we had given her and wassuper excited for our visit she basically taught us the whole plan ofsalvation and had invited her friend to come listen to what we wereteaching. Her and her friend ended up going to church with usyesterday. It always seems to be the kids and teenagers that are superopen to everything. The members were asking me if she was my sister.if my sister came from the united states to visit me becauseapparently she looks a lot like me. haha  (see pic below)

Well that was basically our week. Sometimes I get down because ourarea is SUPER small and I feel like there is not one left that hasntlistened but then everytime we find someone who really is prepared. Itreminds me everytime that the lord really is part of this work and heis preparing people to listen to us that he has called us here to thissmall little area because their are people that need to listen to ourmessage. I really do love this work. It is so incredible to see theexcitement that people have when they feel the spirit and really havetestimonys of the gospel. I am so greateful to my heavenly father forhave given me this opportunity to help people feel this same happinessthat i feel because of the gospel in my life. Thanks for all of your support. It is very appreciate. love you lots!!

Hermana Van Wagenen

mini mtc: the group that went out with my to do contacts
with my old comp Hermana Green at the mini Mtc last week
with my old comp Hermana Vera (the mini missionary) and her BFF
my comp and I (i am a giant) haha
Diana (the investigator) and i after church yesterday

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