Monday, July 30, 2012


Hey there familia!
Sounds like you guys had a blast this past week at newport I am happy to hear that. Man it has been a while since I have gone to Newport. haha Well it looks like this information is true. I recieved a call last friday informing me that I will be going home a week earlier than I thought. I am not going to lie as soon as I heard it tears started coming to my eyes because its earlier than I was expecting and it comes a lot faster. I had already had in my mind that I still had a little bit of time and now its like bamm! but it will be ok. 

Well I am happy to say that Adelaida got her hair wet (as grandpa says ;) ) this past weekend. I think it was the best baptism in my mission. Adelaida seriously was a golden investigator and before she was baptized she was asking us about callings and assignments in the church. She is ready to work. She is awesome. It looks like the branch president is thinkin about calling her to teach gospel principles. WOW! RIght before she was baptized she came to me and gave me a huge hug (pic below) and said Gracias Hermana! I seriously am so grateful to my heavenly father to have been able to know her and be apart of her conversion from the beginning all the way to her baptism. She is going to be such a great help in the church. We were also super excited because her husband and one of her daughters went to her baptism. She said that her husband was very suprised after because it wasnt what he was expecting He thought we were a church that yells and sing but I think he really felt peace and loved that it is like a family. He is very supportive of her and that is a great start! Her daughter ended up showing up on sunday in church with her because she liked it! Ahhhh I hope so much that her family will be able to follow her! 

Other than Adelaida we have our awesome little Diana. Our little 12 year old investigator that everyone thinks is my little sister. She absolutely loves the church and is already sharing the gospel with her neighbors and friends. She says ¨oh i was telling my neighbor about OUR church the other day¨haha its super awesome! just kind of hard because i want so bad that her family will be able to support her and go with her. Because its kind of hard for a 12 yr to go by herself. Truly things are super great right now! I feel so happy and grateful to be a missionary right now and to be able to know the people that i am meeting. Really it is an experience incredible. Everyday I think the lord for this time i have to serve him. Everything is great!!! Love you all lots!!!! 

Hermana Van Wagenen

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