Monday, July 2, 2012



Well this week was a seriously crazy week. Pretty much all of the problems of everyone came out and put on us. Thats the life of missionarys. Well things were going super awesome with our inv Blanca. We were preparing her and getting her ready for her baptism for the 23 of June she was also super excited and loved the church and honestly didnt have any doubts. Well last monday we went to visit her and out of nowhere came all of the doubts. She asked us about her baptism and after she is baptized what she has to do. She basically told us that she feels like the church is taking her away from her studies and that lately she has been not going to well in school (which really has nothing to do with church) and that she can follow through. My heart seriously dropped. We tried explaining to her that really the church is here to help her with her schooling not take her away from it. we told her she needed to pray for the help of the lord and that we were going to pass by the next day to talk a little more with her. When we passed by on tuesday night her mom came out of the house and said that she didnt want to come out and talk to us. ahhhhh so sad! so basically everything fell through. We later found out from her mom and others that friends have been saying things to her about the church like that we cant listen to music or dance or use jewlery. (which is soooo not true) and i think that scared her alittle bit and put lots of doubts in her head. So basically we are super sad about Blanca but that doesnt mean we give up there is still hope.

but other than that things are great. We found a awesome investigator this past week. She had listen to the missionarys before but truly  didnt havemuch interest then because she was involved in another church. but now she is not going to any church because she had problems and she is looking for the true church! Awesome! we will show her the true church! :) i seriously lvoe missionary work. It is hard but amazing whenyou found those people who are truly prepared to listen and accept the gospel. the lord truly is preparing people. i know that without a doubt. i am so grateful to have the gospel in my life. i know that it brings so much happiness. well gtg they are kicking me out of this computer place. haha. loveyou lots!!! have a great week!

-Hna Van Wagenen

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