Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hey there!
I just wanted to wish a Happy Fathers Day over there. I hope you had a great day and gave reedsif some lovin! haha Over here things are going good. I told you about Blanca right? Well we are getting her all ready for her baptism this saturday. she is super awesome! We found her one day clapping doors and she accepted to go to church with us the next day and that sunday when we went to her house to pick her up she was standing outside her house at 8 am waiting for us to go to church. and ever since then we have been teaching her. She told us that she felt something different in church. Something warm and a peaceful feeling. She said it made her happy. She said she has never felt that before. We explained that this was the holy ghost and this is how God answers our prayers. The thing is that she is 14 (kind of young) and her mom supports her with everything and is always listening to our lessons and likes it all but she is kind of lazy and basically told us that she doenst really leave her house for anything (for example to go to church) and she likes to worship her little virgin mary. I am praying that with time her heart also can be touched and she will be able to follow with her daughter.
    This week something kind of sad happened. We have been teaching this kid named Fabio ( i think i told you about him) he was super in drugs and now he is in a treatment that is helping him. Well he has been progressing great and everything he went to church with us and had a date for this saturday to be baptized. but on thursday when we went to visit him we was super weird and didnt want to read or pray or do anything. We basically told us that he doenst know if he can keep the commandments  and continue. He said he hasnt been praying all week so i think that just made him fall completely down. Satan is powerful and if we are strong he will get to us. So i basically thought we had lost Fabio but members are miracles and we had a member go visit him and shared his testimony with him and Fabio ended up coming to church yesterday. This was seriously a miracle and we are praying that he can realize that the gospel really is going to help him and bring happiness in his life and that drugs and alcohol wont bring happiness to his life. 
    Other than that things are great!  This week was a little bit of a sick week. My comp and I got colds but we are getting better. It sounds like pretty much all of the missionarys in the mission have been sick this week. haha but we are feeling better so thats good.  Hope everyone is great and that the girls enjoy their week at girls camp! Love you all.

Hermana Van Wagenen

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