Wednesday, June 6, 2012


hey there! 
hope you all had a great week. Mine was good. Honestly nothing super exciting happened this week. Another normal week. ONly that I am a little bit worried about Ricardo (our new convert) because it looks like he has been drinking again! ughhhh We passed by yesterday in the morning for church and his mom answered and said that he has recently gotten home and had been drinking. uhhh i dont understand. It is super frustrating because we feel like we have done everything and he was sooo excited and happy about everything I am wondering if his friends have said stuff to him. I think the hardest part with him is that he doesn't have very many good examples in his life. Do you have any suggestions on how we can better help him? Other than that we have some investigators that have been progressing and that we are working with. Its funny because that are all teenagers. It always seems like teenagers are a little more open to us than parents. but really things are going great. My comp is great! We have pretty similar personalities so it is fun because we really understand each other in many ways. She is a great comp. I have realized that really every comp is a blessing because you are able to learn new things and it seems like with every comp I am learning something that i need to get better at. I truly am grateful for everything. For this time i have to serve the lord. Although I miss my family tons I know I am suppose to be here and there is no where else I wouild rather be than sharing the gospel and strengthening my testimony every day. Love you all lots! have a great week! 

Hna van Wagenen